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Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushions, Pair

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75% of customers would recommend this to a friend (9 out of 12)

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Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushions redistribute ball-of-foot pressure to relieve foot pain

This compact Powerstep cushion made of Poron® fits easily into your shoe and redistributes weight on the metatarsal bones to relieve forefoot pain. Self-adhesive backing secures cushion securely in place.

Features & Benefits of Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushions:
  • Poron, microcellular polyurethane, cushions the weight in your forefoot and evenly spreads it out so you feel less pressure in one spot.
  • Self-adhesive backing secures the cushion in place so there's no need to adjust the fit.
  • Compact size fits easily into most shoes without changing the fit.
  • Left and right design provides a more exact fit inside the shoe.
Other Important Information About Powerstep® Metatarsal Cushions:
  • Fits normal foot types, including flat feet.
  • Material Content: Poron urethane foam.
  • Made in USA.

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Very good

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I tried many kinds of metatarsal pads for my metatarsalgia. You have to position the top of the pad directly under the metatarsal bone that hurts. If you put on top it will hurt. When you place it right under the bone your weight will land on the pad and not the spot your pain is. If there is a little swelling place the pad underneath the swollen part. These pads work great with enough padding to absorb the shock.I have tried many types and this one seems to work the best for me. I am 63 years old , woman with size 8 shoe. Average weight Keep trying different positions under where your pain is with the pad . It might take a few tries.
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The best thing I've tried

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I ordered a half dozen expensive insoles, but most had poor metatarsal support. These inexpensive pads transformed a pair of dansko clogs from unwearable to excellent. I'm going to order lots and put them in every shoe they work for.
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Too bulky at one end

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The pads are too bulky at the end that goes right below the pad of your foot. It feels like a big lump and I could not use them. If they were made with a more gradual ending to the pad, it would be much more comfortable.
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very flimsy, poor quality, could bought similar quality at the pharmacy,
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