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Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Balls

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Massage your feet with Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Balls for pain relief

Get customized relief from foot pain with this set of four wooden massage balls. Use the two smaller balls on smaller areas like the forefoot or heel, or use the two larger balls to help relieve arch pain. Unlike roller foot massagers, these massage balls can be rolled in any direction, allowing you to target any area of the foot.

Features & Benefits of Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Balls:

  • Smaller (1") balls can be rolled under the forefoot and heel to comfortably relax tense foot muscles and help relieve heel pain.
  • Larger (1.5") balls help relax arch muscles, relieving pain under the arch.
  • Ball shape rolls easily in any direction to relax foot muscles, unlike most rollers that can only go back and forth.
  • Store the balls in the convenient microfiber bag.

Other Important Information About Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Balls:

  • Material Content: maple wood.
  • Made in USA.