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Pedag Princess Forefoot Cushions, 2 Pairs

Item #: 96506
$17.98/2 prs.

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  • Order by women's shoe size. If between sizes, please order a size up.
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Pedag Princess Forefoot Cushions give tired, aching feet the royal treatment with ball-of-foot cushioning

Find relief from ball-of-foot pain with these forefoot cushions. Topped with leather, a thin layer of latex padding cushions the forefoot, helping relieve metatarsalgia and other forefoot pain while reducing friction and slipping inside shoes. A natural active carbon filter helps prevent odor and moisture build-up to keep your feet and shoes dry and fresh. The half-length insoles easily fit in most shoes and stay in place without the use of adhesive.

Features & Benefits of Pedag Princess Forefoot Cushions:

  • Thin layer of latex padding provides light cushioning in the forefoot to help relieve ball-of-foot pain, metatarsalgia and tired feet.
  • Forefoot cushions help reduce friction in the forefoot area.
  • Half-length insole can help prevent slipping in shoes or improve the fit of shoes that are slightly too big in the forefoot area.
  • Vegetable-tanned leather lining absorbs odors and sweat, helping keep feet fresh.
  • Natural active carbon filter also fights foot odor.

Other Important Information About Pedag Princess Forefoot Cushions:

  • Material Content: vegetable-tanned leather, latex, active carbon filter.
  • Made in Germany.