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Peda Bella 3/4 Length Insoles, 3 Pairs

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75% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 4)

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  • One size fits women's shoe size 6-11.
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Peda Bella Women's 3/4 Length Insoles — hidden comfort that won’t cramp your toes

These 3/4 length insoles, especially designed for women’s shoes, are made from advanced Enduron foam for super cushioning and super shock protection. Invisible in open-toe shoes and sandals, they provide incredible all-day walking comfort. Fits in all women’s shoe types… from high heels to flats. Adhesive backing holds the insoles securely in place. Streamlined design fits most shoe types, even open toes and sandals.


Caution: Diabetics should consult a physician before use.

Features & Benefits of Peda Bella Women's 3/4 Length Insoles:

  • Slim EnduronTM foam pads and cushions foot to minimize shock and impact to your lower body.
  • 3/4 length insole won’t cramp your toes.
  • Slim design fits most shoe types—even open toes and sandals—for your walking comfort.
  • Insoles help prevent feet from sliding forward.

Other Important Information About Peda Bella Women's 3/4 Length Insoles:

  • Material Content: 100% EnduronTM urethane foam.
  • Made in USA.

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I put these cute pads in my flats the other day. They were a great value for the price. I cannot believe I was walking around without any support in flats. I was more worried about my heels. They are easy to use and provide just enough support if you don't have a truly high arch or truly flat foot. I will go for a thcker pad next time, but these are a great starter.
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Peda Bella insoles make my highheels comfortable!

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Bought these last year and just purchased more. These make my high heels comfortable for hours. My foot size is 8 and B or C width depending on toe box cut. I don't wear my pumps as often as I used to, so it's a huge change for my feet when I wear pumps. Insoles are 3/4 length and make room for my toes not to be cramped which are hammer toes on last three toes. These Peda Bellas work for me.
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Too short for shoes

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This product is not cushiony enough for my feet. They are not long enough for a size 9 1/2 shoe. They were not comfortable to me.
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one size, alas, does not fit all

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These are good quality, do cushion nicely, won't show. BUT they are not long enough to cushion both my heels and my ball of foot in size elevens, alas. I cut them in half at the center line, and used duct tape to connect them, so they can be used. I think if you are size 9 or less, you'd be fine with them.
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