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PedaBella Heelettes Gel Heel Liners, 2 Sets of 4

Item #: 99154
80% of customers would recommend this to a friend (4 out of 5)
$19.98/2 sets.
$17.98/2 sets.
$9.99 /set.

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PedaBella Heelettes Gel Heel Liners pad your heel with soft, comfortable gel

Insert PedaBella HeelettesTM Gel Heel Liner inside the back of your shoe to improve the fit and cut down on irritation. The heel liner is thin enough to fit into most women's shoes, even on the tongue of a shoe that might bother the upper foot. Can be worn with talcum powder if desired.

Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes.

Features and Benefits of PedaBella Heelettes Gel Heel Liners:

  • Adhesive back holds heel liner securely in place.
  • Design eliminates heel slippage, rubbing and chafing.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Other Important Information About PedaBella Heelettes Gel Heel Liners:

  • Material Content: 100% Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel.
  • Care: Hand wash with warm water. Air dry. Sprinkle with talcum powder.
  • Imported.

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Exactly what I needed!

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Many yeears ago I broke my right foot. Whenever I buy shoes t need to buy them big to fit the riight foot. This leaves a big shoe on the left foot. I just use heel gel liners and now both shoes fit perfectly! Thank you !
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Too bad--almost worked

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I wish these heel pads worked as well as they were advertised. They just will not stick to my shoes! One pair was ruined within five minutes after I put on the shoe after waiting fifteen minutes for it to have time to stick. The pad just rolled up and stuck to my foot. The shoes are brand new, and have a soft lining in them, which is probably why there is a problem with sticking--but there should have been information about what kind of surface the shoes must have in order to work with these pads. I put them into two pairs of new shoes, one set came off immediately, fibers from the lining were all over the adhesive and will not come off. The other is in the process of working loose and will probably be off the next time I wear them. It really is too bad, because they felt very good and solved the loose heel fit that I needed them for.
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These are good

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Comfortable and Priced Great but not quite as thick as Dr. Scholls - they are less expensive so you have to decide - they work well and for the price they are a bargain -
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gel heel liners

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A very helpful product. I wear an average width shoe but I have narrow heels. The liners have enabled me to wear shoes without worrying if they will slip. The only negative is that a person has to be very careful in lining them up in the proper position inside the shoes.It takes longer than the recommended time to secure them and a shoehorn is needed when putting the shoes on.
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