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PedaBella Captoe Gel Forefoot Cushions, 2 Pairs

Item #: 96915
50% of customers would recommend this to a friend (1 out of 2)
$25.98/2 prs. $21.98/2 prs.
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Protect your toes the same way a ballerina does with PedaBella Captoe Gel Forefoot Cushions!

Professional dancers commonly use these soft gel covers to cushion the metatarsal (forefoot) area and protect their toes and feet from pressure and friction. Washable, reusable CaptoeTM Gel Forefoot Cushions offer amazing comfort and are virtually invisible inside closed toe shoes! They also retain body heat and help ease arthritis pain and cold toes often caused by poor circulation.

Features & Benefits of PedaBella Captoe Gel Forefoot Cushions:

  • Fabric-covered gel wraps all the way around the forefoot to cushion and protect against friction and pressure on the ball-of-foot area, top of foot and toes.
  • Forefoot covers help retain body temperature, great for those who suffer from arthritis or poor circulation.
  • Nude color and low-profile design blend in discreetly for virtually invisible cushioning inside your shoes.

Other Important Information About PedaBella Captoe Gel Forefoot Cushions:

  • Material Content: Dacron fabric, gel.
  • Care: Wash with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry completely.
  • Made in USA.

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soft but hot

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In cold weather, these would be great in closed shoes
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Having recently been diagnosed with prediabetes, I've noticed some tenderness in my toes that I never experienced before in my once comfortable shoes. The ballerina toes have helped soften the impact of my toes against the ends of my shoes, making my feet feel more comfotable. I would recommend these.
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