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Peda Brush-On Fungal Nail Renew, 0.5 oz.

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80% of customers would recommend this to a friend (16 out of 20)

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Peda Brush-On Fungal Nail Renew — patented relief for unsightly toenails, improves appearance in just 8 weeks!

Fungal toenails are a complex condition, where treatment is difficult. In fact, 17 different organisms can cause fungal toenails, which is the reason they’re so bothersome and persistent. All-natural Fungal Nail Renew is specifically formulated to improve the appearance of fungal toenails. In a scientific study at a major U.S. state university, this proprietary blend of four naturally occurring essential oils was shown to significantly improve the appearance of yellow, discolored, unhealthy nails after just 8 weeks when used twice daily on unpolished nails. When the healthy nail starts to grow, you can start filing and working to improve the appearance of the nail. Continue applying 2x a day until the new, healthy nail grows out.

Features & Benefits of Peda Brush-On Fungal Nail Renew:

  • All-natural formula can help improve the appearance of fungal toenails in 8 weeks.
  • Camphor, eucalyptus, thymol and menthol essential oils help clear up discoloration.
  • Built-in brush for easy application.

Other Important Information About Peda Brush-On Fungal Nail Renew:

  • Made in USA.

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Works well but pricy

  • 4 of 5
My Dr. told me to use Vicks Vaop Rub but I didn't like the greasy mess. He also said that it will take 3 to 6 months for the nail to grow out and that the fungus lives in my shoes so to treat my nails at least once a week after the healthy nails grew in. When I saw that the Peda Fungal Nail Renew had many of the same ingredients as the Vicks I purchases some. It has been about a month and it seems to be working. I am noticing more pink coloring to my nails and a lessening in the thickening. It is priced, it seems to match the desperation of the target audience as the ingredients are not particularly pricey or exotic. For now I will continue to buy it as it's the best product out there that I know of.
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No Luck

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Used product as directed. I had no luck. Too much money! Would not recommend.
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Peda Brush On Fungus Nail Renew

  • 4 of 5
You must use twice EVERY DAY..do not skip. Does not cure the fungus, but does improve nail appearance very well. I would like to see specials or a price decrease..knowing we will be using it for the rest of our life!
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Best I've found

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I've used numerous fungus treatments, and occasionally I'll change to something less expensive, but in all, this is the BEST stuff out there. Love it. Just remember you need to be tenacious and persistent. Use it twice a day (or more) to keep fungus at bay. Works on fingernail fungus as well. Pleasant scent.
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