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PedaBella Fabric Covered Gel Thong Sandal Insoles, Pair

Item #: 10820
67% of customers would recommend this to a friend (14 out of 21)
$10.99/pr. $5.00/pr.
  • Women's 5-8
  • Women's 9-12

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PedaBella Fabric-Covered Gel Thong Sandal Insoles soften the feel of your favorite thong sandals with gel cushioning

Only at FootSmart! Discover the incredible comfort a thin layer of gel can bring your thong sandals. Designed with cut-outs to accommodate toe posts, our adhesive gel insoles adhere easily to most footbeds. Raised gel dots gently massage and cushion areas of the foot that feel the most pressure. The spandex blend fabric cover comes in basic colors to blend with your sandals or fashion prints to stand out. Trim to fit.

Features & Benefits of PedaBella Fabric-Covered Gel Thong Sandal Insoles:

  • Polyurethane gel covered with spandex blend fabric provides cushioning that won’t flatten with wear.
  • Thong sandal cut-out design adds extra comfort to thong sandals.
  • Raised dots have a gentle massaging effect as you walk and help reduce pressure.
  • Basic colors and fun prints let you choose a design to match your shoes or make a fashion statement.
  • Guidelines make it easier to cut the insole to fit your shoe size.
  • Self-adhesive on the bottom holds the insole in place.

Other Important Information About PedaBella Fabric-Covered Gel Thong Sandal Insoles:

  • Material Content: spandex blend fabric, polyurethane gel.
  • Imported.

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Not as good as the clear gel

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I bought these because I fell in love with the clear insoles I bought a couple of years ago. These are cute but seem thinner (I also use them for the purpose of tightening a sandal or a shoe that has stretched from wear) than the others and they don't grip my feet like the others causing my feet to slide about in the sandals. I will be exchanging the fabric covered ones for the clear.
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Works well for me.

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These are working well for me. What I like best is that the gel backing is tacky enough to keep the insoles from sliding around, but there's no adhesive involved, so they can be repositioned or moved to a different pair of sandals without leaving behind any sticky residue. They are thin enough that they don't change the fit of my sandals, but they do give a bit of cushioning. I use them to give a breathable lining to rubber flip flops.
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Just OK!

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These were nice when I first started using them. I think they are extremely overpriced though for the length of time they last!
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Cute, but not as much cushion as expected

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They look very cute in the sandals, but they don't provide as much cushion as I expected. Actually had to add an extra cushion for the ball of my foot which is what I was trying to achieve in the first place.
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