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Orthaheel Biomechanical Gel Heel Cushion, 2 Pairs

Item #: 98888
$39.98/2 prs. $35.98/2 prs.
$24.99 /pr.

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Orthaheel Biomechanical Gel Heel Cushion offer motion control for relief from plantar fasciitis and heel pain

Designed by leading Australian podiatrist Dr. Philip Vasyli as a more effective alternative to basic heel cups, this full-length insole features a contoured arch support and a deeper, anti-pronation heel cup design that cushions the heel while improving stability. A built-in four-degree rearfoot angle helps control mild pronation, while a Shock Dot in the center of the heel softens impact. Plus, it’s designed to fit in narrow-fitting shoes.

Features & Benefits of Orthaheel Biomechanical Gel Heel Cushion:

  • Angled rearfoot helps align the foot and reduce mild pronation (foot rolling inward).
  • Motion-controlling footbed, with a contoured arch and deep heel cup, helps prevent pronation, enhancing stability.
  • Heel cup Shock Dot helps absorb shock to reduce impact on the heel.

Other Important Information About Orthaheel Biomechanical Gel Heel Cushion:

  • Material Content: polyurethane, open-cell polyurethane, elastomer, leather.
  • Imported.