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OdorZout Foot Powder, 11 oz.

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100% of customers would recommend this to a friend (2 out of 2)

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OdorZout Foot Powder — a natural way to keep your feet and shoes odor-free

This foot powder is made with a natural mineral that has a high ion exchange capacity. That means the mineral works like a magnet to trap and eliminate odors. Sprinkle on your feet or in your shoes to keep them dry and odor-free, or add to warm water for a soothing foot bath.

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Features & Benefits of OdorZout Foot Powder:
  • All-natural ingredients are safe to use on your skin.
  • Powder is free of chemicals and perfumes for an odorless formula.
  • Easy to use, just sprinkle desired amount into shoe or onto feet.
  • Powder can also be used as foot bath--add 3 to 5 tablespoons to warm water and soak for 5 to 15 minutes.
Other Important Information About OdorZout Foot Powder:
  • Ingredients: zeolite mineral.
  • Made in USA.

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This is the real deal

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Ok, I have hyperhidrosis of the feet, meaning my feet sweat, I have literally tried everything as my shoes usually give of an odor due to wetness and I have to switch shoes after 4 hours, even sandals could give off odor if sole is wet, or I have worn them several times, once dampness occurs, there will be an odor, I always bring 2-3 pairs of shoes with me to work, Well I still switch shoes when needed depending on the shoe style, but I never have to worry about any kind of smell, nothing..... I'm like thank you Jesus! This power really works, 100% better than any power I have tried and I have tried a lot, especially to mask smell, this power also keeps foot dryer. And there is no smell, no fragrance.... this is wonderful it exactually does what it says, NO ODOR. I have also began wearing wool socks, now I wear any shoe I want. To the creator of this foot power, thank you much!!! No more smell......I'm going to buy 3 more of the OdorZout because I never want to be without this product. I need it always, beautiful.....Thanks again!!!
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No more stink

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WOW...just super impressed by how this product prevents the odor from starting. After work I can remove my shoes at the front door, and zero foot odor. What a confidence builder. My feet still perspire a bit cause my support socks are warm and a little moist on the bottoms, with no stinky odor or for that matter any odor. I apply the odorzout to my toes and instep prior to donning my support socks. The product itself is kind of like a powder, and a bit grittier than a talc. I am ordering my third bottle and will continue to use and recommend.
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