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MenthoGel Toe Separators, Pair

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53% of customers would recommend this to a friend (8 out of 15)

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MenthoGel Toe Separators offer a refreshing new way to get soothing bunion relief

The invigorating menthol scent of these toe separators keeps feet feeling fresh all day and helps prevent odors. The soft, stretchable gel molds to the shape of your foot for a custom fit, while promoting proper joint alignment.

Features & Benefits of MenthoGel Toe Separators:

  • Separator increases space between the big toe and second toe for proper joint alignment and less irritation and friction in shoes.
  • Made of soft, stretchable gel that conforms your foot for a comfortable fit.
  • Separators are easy to clean with soap and water.

Other Important Information About MenthoGel Toe Separators:

  • Material Content: SEBS gel (polyethylene, polybutylene, polystyrene), menthol scent.
  • Care: Wash with soap and water.
  • Imported.

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Excellent Choice

  • 5 of 5
I was looking for a toe separator hoping it would help relieve the pain that had recently started on my right foot right after I fell down and badly bruised both my big toes. My sister told me I had a bunion. I checked several items out in the FootSmart site and elsewhere, and finally decided to buy this product after I read the reviews. I am so very happy I did. I simply love this Toe Separator. I was expecting to get some discomfort when I first started using it, but to my surprise, I felt instant relief and even after an hour of use (I had to remind myself to check for pain), there was no discomfort, so I left it on the whole day. I have been using this separator almost every day. I have noticed that the pain has subsided even in those days when I forget to use it. I must clarify that I have long toes - the toe next to the big toe is slight longer than the big toe. Maybe that is a point to consider. These Toe Separators fit me perfectly and I love them. I wear one only on the right foot, sometimes with shoes (wide shoes), sometimes with socks and occasionally completely barefooted.
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Toe to Toe

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I tried this product out and it made my foot hurt and increased the pain. I will give it another chance to see if I can adjust the fit; otherwise, it did not work for me.
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Terrible product

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They are wide enough to do any good...they hurt my toes.
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Refreshing & Stable

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Once I put them on, they felt soothing. The construction made it possible for it to stay in place while walking. I've worn many separators but these are a bit larger for better toe alignment, wonderful!
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