Jobst® Wear & Care Kit for Graduated Support Hosiery/Socks, Each

Item #: 60331

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Jobst® provides help for wear and care of graduated support hosiery and socks.

Extend the life of your graduated support hosiery and socks with Wear and Care Kit from Jobst. Keep the portable kit on hand at home or when you travel. The kit contains 1.75 fl. oz. Eucerin® Moisturizing Lotion, 4 oz. Jolastic® Washing Solution, a pair of donning gloves and a stocking slip for open toe hosiery.

Eucerin Original Moisturizing Lotion is the No. 1 physician recommended and clinically proven Moisturizing Formula for dry skin care. Eucerin is non-comedogenic and contains no known irritants. Use it to safely don compression hosiery and socks manufactured with Spandex fabric. Click here for list of ingredients.
Jolastic Washing Solution for elastic garments is formulated to remove soil, body acids and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to rubber content. It's specially designed to help extend the life of all elastic garments. Use 2 capfuls to every 2 quarts of hot water. Soak garments for 10 minutes. Squeeze gently and rinse in hot water. Roll in towel and dry away from direct sunlight or heat. Jolastic is biodegradable and contains no phosphates. Click here for list of ingredients.
Donning Gloves slip easily onto your hands and allow you to gently roll the hosiery socks up or down your legs. Click here for a video demonstration of the use.
The Stocking Slip helps open toe hosiery slide on easier and better. Simply place your foot into the slip with the long flap positioned against the bottom of your foot. Work your hosiery up your leg. To remove the slip, pull the tab through the open toe.

Other Important Information:

  • Material Content (Donning Gloves):  100% PVC.
  • Material Content (Stocking Slip):  100% Acetate.
  • Store in a cool, dry place 
  • Made in the United States.