Intellinetix Step Sensor

Item #: 30380

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Walk with greater confidence in your step with the Intellinetix Step Sensor

This innovative step sensor helps you walk with confidence and is great for those with drop foot or peripheral neuropathy. Simply attach the pressure switch inside your shoe at the heel, and wrap the band around your leg just below the knee. The pressure switch is activated when your foot hits the ground at the beginning of a step. The switch then sends a signal to the leg strap for a gentle vibration reminder that your heel has made contact with the ground, so you know when to lift up your other foot for the next step. Plus, the discreet design fits under clothes with no bulk.

Features & Benefits of Intellinetix Step Sensor:

  • Pressure switch activates when you step and sends a gentle vibration to your leg to remind you to lift your other foot.
  • Discreet, minimal design can be worn comfortably under clothes and in shoes without adding bulk.
  • Lightweight leg band features a hook-and-loop closure that you can adjust to fit at the knee or farther down the leg if desired.
  • Small vibrating motors mean those with pacemakers can use the sensor.
  • Intelligent design knows when you are taking steps or not, so it won’t send constant vibration when you’re standing still.

Other Important Information About Intellinetix Step Sensor:

  • Includes rechargeable lithium ion batteries and electrical charger.
  • Material Content: cotton / spandex, polyester.
  • Imported.