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Insolia High Heel 3/4 Length Inserts, 3 Pairs

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Invisible Insolia High Heel Women's 3/4 Length Inserts make higher heels incredibly comfortable!

The magic is the weight shift!
Higher heels create a ramp effect putting the foot in a tip-toe position with the foot sliding toward the toe and putting painful pressure on the ball of the foot. Invented by leading podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dananberg, Insolia Inserts shift weight off the ball of the foot and back to the heel (where it belongs).


Caution: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes.

Features & Benefits of Insolia High Heel Women's 3/4 Length Inserts:

  • Precisely located "midsole contour" keeps about 25% of weight that would slide down to the toe positioned at the back of the heel-so you feel like you're wearing heels half the height you are actually wearing.
  • Clear gel insert fits discreetly inside shoes to reduce foot pressure.
  • Insolia Inserts help improve body alignment and ankle stability while reducing pressure on the ball of the foot, lower back and leg fatigue.
  • For best results use in shoes with heels 1½" or higher.

Other Important Information about Insolia High Heel Women's 3/4 Length Inserts:

  • Insolia inserts enhance the fit of all shoe types-sandals, sling backs, pumps, boots and wedges.
  • Material Content: 100% styrene block co-polymer with adhesive tape backing.
  • Made in USA.