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Ice Up Portable Ice Massager

Item #: 30254

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Ice Up Portable Ice Massager… fast-acting relief for swelling or pain!

Get the benefits of direct ice massage in as little as 5 to 7 minutes!
The Ice Up Portable Ice Massager provides quick, deep tissue relief for ligament, tendon and muscle injuries by helping reduce swelling and pain. Just fill the Ice Up stick with water, freeze it and go. It stays frozen in its insulated carry cooler for up to 10 hours, providing travel-friendly relief that works faster than traditional ice packs.

Features & Benefits of Ice Up Portable Ice Massager:

  • Deep tissue ice massage helps relieve swelling and pain in muscles and tendons.
  • Insulated carry cooler keeps massager frozen for up to 10 hours.
  • The leak-proof design features a pop-open top and an easy-to-use grip that even works well with wet hands.
  • Massager is small enough to fit in a gym bag.

Other Important Information About Ice Up Portable Ice Massager:

  • Imported.