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HTP Heel Seat Wraps, Pair

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68% of customers would recommend this to a friend (23 out of 34)

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Ease heel pain with HTP Heel Seat Wraps

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain or calcaneal bursitis, HTP Heel Seat Wraps offer you a way to relieve heel pain. The wrap design provides an at-home solution when you don’t want to wear shoes, but still want plantar fascia support… and it’s great to wear with sandals, too! A patented plantar fasciitis bar at the midfoot applies upward pressure and compression to the plantar fascia, preventing it from overstretching, tightening, and consequently causing heel pain. The cupped design redistributes your heel’s natural fat pad to provide a soothing cushion beneath the heel bone.

Features & Benefits of HTP Heel Seat Wraps:

  • Patented plantar fasciitis bar applies pressure where the heel meets the arch, allowing the plantar fascia to remain in a stretched position rather than flattening, tightening and causing sharp heel pain.
  • Cupped design redistributes the heel’s fat pad to provide natural cushioning underneath the heel bone.
  • Wrap keeps the heel cup close to the foot and offers relief when you don't want to wear your shoes, but still want plantar fascia support.

Other Important Information About HTP Heel Seat Wraps:

  • Material Content: neoprene.
  • Imported.

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Too hot for me.

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I had high hopes that I could wear these with sandals. I tried them together in the house and couldn't stand how hot my feet got. Also, could not wear them with shoes. They are too bulky. I will return them, regretfully. They are very well made, though, for anyone that can get beyond the heat and the bulk.
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Great for wearing around the house

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I suffer from plantar fasciitis and going without shoes is very painful. I wear the heal seat wrap instead of socks and shoes in the house. I do wish they were not sold in pairs since I only need one for my left foot.
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I liked the concept...but

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As others have said the padding on the heel is great but the velcro is not positioned correctly. It is too tight. .I've had to sew another strip of velcro . Also not sure why I got product for both feet.
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Bought because I have plantar fasciitis and hate to wear shoes around the house. Have not helped with my heel pain yet.
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