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HTP Heel Seat Wraps, 2 Pairs

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100% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 3)
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Ease heel pain with HTP Heel Seat Wraps

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain or calcaneal bursitis, HTP Heel Seat Wraps offer you a way to relieve heel pain. The wrap design provides an at-home solution when you don’t want to wear shoes, but still want plantar fascia support… and it’s great to wear with sandals, too! A patented plantar fasciitis bar at the midfoot applies upward pressure and compression to the plantar fascia, preventing it from overstretching, tightening, and consequently causing heel pain. The cupped design redistributes your heel’s natural fat pad to provide a soothing cushion beneath the heel bone.

Features & Benefits of HTP Heel Seat Wraps:

  • Patented plantar fasciitis bar applies pressure where the heel meets the arch, allowing the plantar fascia to remain in a stretched position rather than flattening, tightening and causing sharp heel pain.
  • Cupped design redistributes the heel’s fat pad to provide natural cushioning underneath the heel bone.
  • Wrap keeps the heel cup close to the foot and offers relief when you don't want to wear your shoes, but still want plantar fascia support.

Other Important Information About HTP Heel Seat Wraps:

  • Material Content: neoprene.
  • Imported.

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my feet thank you!

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I have been wearing the heal seat strap for 2 weeks now...WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! It really works!! I was skeptical, but so glad I purchased it . I suffer from a nasty heel spur in my left heel and walking around the house barefoot or in flip flops was unbearable, not only did my left foot ache, but my right foot also, from favoring it, the pain starting moving into my chins, and by dinner time I could barely stand. I wanted something I could wear with sandals or barfoot instead of wearing sneakers with socks and my orthotic inserts all summer long. While this product is not a magic cure all for my heel pain, it has helped a great deal and I highly recommend it.
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Love it!

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This has been a lifesaver, as I love to go barefoot. I put it on as soon as I get up in the morning and wear it most of the day. It is easy to wash and well padded. I would recommend it for heel pain.
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I like these for walking around without shoes at home. They give some padding and support and are especially helpful when I have to get up during the night (I wear them to bed). I don't think they're going to cure my heel pain, but they're better than going barefoot.
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