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Hallux Rigidus Full Length Insoles, Pair

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  • For normal, flat and high-arch foot types.
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Trouble bending your big toes? Alleviate the pain with Hallux Rigidus Men’s / Women’s Full Length Insoles

Hallux rigidus or turf toe is a condition where the big toe joint becomes arthritic and loses cartilage, resulting in painful bone-on-bone motion. These insoles, made of firm composite carbon graphite, limit the motion of the big toe joint and relieve pain caused when you push off the toes when you walk. Plus, they support the arch too.

Features & Benefits of Hallux Rigidus Men’s / Women’s Full Length Insoles:

  • Rigid support extends under the big toe to limit the range of motion, alleviating pain in the toe joint from push-off during the walking motion.
  • Insoles help prevent the development of bumps and calcium build-up on the top of the foot that can appear as hallux rigidus worsens.
  • Contoured arch offers support for proper foot alignment.
  • Composite carbon graphite, a combination of glass webbing and carbon webbing in an acrylic-polymer bond, makes the insoles very stiff and rigid to limit motion.

Other Important Information About Hallux Rigidus Men’s / Women’s Full Length Insoles:

  • Material Content: acrylic polymer.
  • Imported.