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Heeluxe High Heel Inserts, 2 Pairs

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$29.98/2 prs.
$25.98/2 prs.
$14.99 /pr.

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  • One size fits women's shoe sizes 5-11.
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Stand in higher heels for hours… virtually pain-free in Heeluxe Women's High Heel Inserts

Feet simply are not meant to wear high heels. They slide forward, putting painful pressure on your ball-of-foot area and arch. While you can’t change your feet, you can change how your feet feel in heeled shoes. Designed by Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, Heeluxe anatomically correct inserts shift weight back to the heel, reducing pressure on the ball of foot. The angled cup design helps align each foot and prevent overpronation (foot rolls excessively inward), so there’s less wobble in your walk.

Features & Benefits of Heeluxe Women's High Heel Inserts:

  • Anatomically correct inserts provide support designed specifically for each foot (left and right).
  • Bump helps shift weight to the heel, preventing the foot from sliding forward and minimizing forefoot pressure.
  • Angled heel alignment design stabilizes the foot and prevent it from rolling inward.
  • Heel cup supports soft tissue under the heel, promoting natural cushioning and aligning the arch.
  • Inserts stick to the shoe, so they won’t slide forward.
  • Fits discreetly into boots, wedges, slingbacks, pumps and mules with heel heights of 3⁄4" to 5".

Other Important Information About Heeluxe Women's High Heel Inserts:

  • Imported.

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Not comfortable at all

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i purchased these in hopes of taking the pressure off the ball of my foot. There was no position I placed them that was comfortable. I purchased 2 pairs, and unwisely threw away packaging before trying them- my fault. I will be sending the other pair back.
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Wish it worked.

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The concept is great and I could really have used a pair since my feet constantly slip when wearing high heels putting a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet and my bunions. My issues with this product are: 1. It's really thick and adds to much height within your shoe to the point that your heels don't really fit your shoe any more. 2. The heel part works great alleviating the ball of foot pain, except it creates another pain in between your heel and arch of the foot from the weight of your foot on the very hard heel insert. The insert is extremely hard - if it was softer maybe gel like and was thinner it might have worked better.
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