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HTP Gel Heel Seats, Pair

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50% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 6)
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  • Women's 5-6
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HTP Gel Heel Seats help ease the heel pain of plantar fasciitis

Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain or calcaneal bursitis, HTP Gel Heel Seats offer you a way to help relieve heel pain. A patented plantar fasciitis bar at the midfoot applies upward pressure and compression to the plantar fascia, helping to prevent it from overstretching, tightening and consequently causing heel pain. The cupped design redistributes your heel’s natural fat pad to provide a soothing cushion beneath the heel bone. Plus, HTP Gel Heel Seats fit easily into most shoes.

Features & Benefits of HTP Gel Heel Seats:

  • Fasciitis Bar helps re-stretch the plantar fascia and provides natural structural reinforcement to help prevent collapse of the midfoot.
  • Heel Seat provides just the right amount of support—without interfering with the fit of your shoe—for maximum comfort.
  • Gel applies continuous, localized acupressure directly beneath the heel pain hot-spot.

Other Important Information About HTP Gel Heel Seats:

  • Material Content: thermoplastic elastomer gel.
  • Care: Hand wash with mild, soapy water. Dry with a cloth.
  • Made in USA.

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not the same

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I ordered these heel cups thinking I was getting the ones I have worn for years and can't live without to keep my plantar faciitis under control. The dark blue ones are the ones you want,...these are much softer and don't have the hard bar across the plantar. They might work for someone with a less severe case of plantar faciitis.
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waster of money

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They had no positive effect- in fact, it made my feet feel worse. I have taken them out and cant imagine putting them back in.
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Great Product

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Purchased these a couple of weeks after tearing my plantar fascia. They were a little uncomfortable for the first few days, and I could only wear them an hour or two at a time. I wear them all the time now, and they are awesome. I wasn't sure they were helping, so I went without them one day. I was miserable. I highly recommend these to anyone with plantar fasciitis or any plantar issue.
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Great buy

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They have diminished my foot pain a great deal. My right foot has so much wrong with it, that it was painful just to put a shoe on it and walk in the house. Now, I no longer dread walking.
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