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FootSmart Gel Callus Cushions, Pair

Item #: 50271
78% of customers would recommend this to a friend (77 out of 99)

  • One size fits most.
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High-tech polymer cushions relieve callus pain

Our polymer gel cushions relieve the discomfort caused by foot calluses and metatarsalgia. Just apply directly to the ball-of-foot area and enjoy pain-free movement. Callus Cushions are reusable — simply wash with cold water, air dry and the adhesive reactivates. You get lots of mileage out of two cushions per box.

Other Important Information:

  • One size fits most.
  • Wash with cold water and air dry to reactivate adhesive.
  • Made in USA.

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Wouldn't be without them!

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I am so thankful for all the people who wrote reviews on this product, which encouraged me to try it. The ball of my foot hurt and my toes felt like they were crippled until I bought a pair of these gel cushions and tried them. They stick extremely well to the ball of the foot and are very comfortable. They are easy to wash and reuse time and time again. If I could give them 10 stars, I would. I urge you to try these if you have pain in the ball of your foot.
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I couldn't be happier that I sent for these. They're wonderful. You place them where YOU want them and they stay in place all day. I washed them and used them again and again. They're great for me because I needed something to wear with Thong sandals. Regular ball of the foot pads won't stay in place and they will fall out in a short time. These are very comfortable and don't move at all. I find sandals sometimes move around and feel to big and these pads hold the sandal firm and the shoe stays in place. Both my pads are in different positions. I have them were each foot hurts and that's great. You don't even notice they're on your foot. You won't be sorry investing in these. They're a great find for me.
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Takes the pain away....

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Diabetic here!!! Such feet problems. I have a callus on the bottom of the ball of my left foot and I wear this there until I can get to see my podiatric to take care of it, which seems like a long time between visit when your feet hurt. These work great and would recommend to anyone with annoying callus.
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Makes Feet Happy!

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This product takes the pressure off of the ball of the foot and thus there is no discomfort or pain. It should never be discontinued as it works better than any cushioning I have ever used.
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