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FreshGear AFX Toe Socks No Show, Pair

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60% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 5)

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FreshGear Men’s / Women’s AFX No Show Toe Socks combine odor-fighting antimicrobial protection with a seamless five-toe design

Fight foot odor and athlete’s foot with these ultra-thin, antimicrobial no show toe socks! Permara™ delivers long-lasting and renewable antimicrobial protection, eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungi to help keep the socks odor-free. The ultra-thin, seamless five-toe design provides a breathable, moisture-wicking layer between your toes, and it makes these socks ideal for wearing with five-toe shoes. Thin enough to wear as a base layer under your favorite traditional socks or alone if you just want ultra-sleek, lightweight socks.

Features & Benefits of FreshGear Men’s / Women’s AFX No Show Toe Socks:

  • Seamless five-toe construction helps prevent irritation and friction between toes.
  • Permara offers renewable antimicrobial protection, helping eliminate up to 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.
  • Ultra-thin sock layer between toes promotes increased airflow and wicks away moisture, helping prevent odor and blisters.
  • Designed to be worn as a base layer toe sock under a traditional outer sock, or worn alone for ultra-sleek and lightweight comfort.
  • Laboratory tests demonstrate 99% effectiveness of Permara antimicrobial finish after 50 washings when care instructions are followed.

Other Important Information About FreshGear Men’s / Women’s AFX No Show Toe Socks:

  • Yarn Content: 95% cotton, 5% spandex.
  • Care: To clean and renew the antimicrobial finish, machine wash with detergent and regular bleach.
  • Imported.

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First time wearing toe socks, ok.

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This is the first time wearing toe socks do to toes curling, or crocked toes, someone told me to wear toe sock, to tri to realign them. Something new, ok just no use to toe sock, I know some people love them, once you get use to them.
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My second purchase of these socks

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Thin and all cotton - a big plus to me. These keeps my feet dryer. They do slip down on the heel a bit, but I pull them up very high before putting on my Vibrams...that seems to solve the problem for me. This is my second purchase, and I recommended them to my daughter too.
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toe socks

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I so wanted these socks to work, but I found the sock slips off my heel. I unfortunately will be returning the two pairs I did not wear.
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Toes like these toe socks

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This review is for the no-show-toe-socks. I have crossed toes and hammer toes, and I use these everyday under my socks to "help" keep my tooties aligned properly. I recommend washing them in a mesh bag a couple times to soften up the elastic so it won't irritate your foot, but they work great for me. The elastic is beginning to stretch out & sometimes while I'm wearing them, they slip off my heel (even with my shoes on). I like the ankle-toe-socks much better. Footsmart carries the ankle-toe-socks as well.
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