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FootSmart Toe Socks, Pair

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70% of customers would recommend this to a friend (14 out of 20)

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Slip on stretchy FootSmart Toe Socks for quick, between-your-toes relief

If you suffer from athlete's foot, corns or other between-your-toes problems, Toe Socks are ideal. They keep the toes separated and comfortable. Wear to prevent the spread of athlete's foot and keep toe medicine in place.


Caution: If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician or a healthcare professional before using this product.

Features & Benefits of FootSmart Toe Socks:

  • Socks cover each toe to gently separate them.
  • Material absorbs excess moisture.
  • Design reduces friction between toes that can lead to soft corns and other toe ailments.

Other Important Information about FootSmart Toe Socks:

  • Material Content: rayon, cotton, polyester, nylon, rubber, spandex.
  • Care: Hand wash in warm water. Air dry.
  • Imported.

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Toe Socks

  • 5 of 5
Alrighty then! These did the trick for my "post hammer toe surgery" recovery! I needed something thin, yet protective of my 2nd and 3rd toe so that I could get into a shoe again. These are thin, yet stretchy and supportive. They must have some spandex in them. For the first time I was able to get into a tennis shoe and get back to the gym! I am going to get a couple more pairs.
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good solution

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I purchased this product because of persistent moisture between my little toe and next toe, causing open sores. Medicated powder and intentional towel drying after showers didn't help. The toe sock seems to help, although it's a little hard to get on and keep in place around the little toe. Works best with a sock over it.
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could fit better

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I wish I could love these socks because in concept they're fabulous but they aren't the best fit. They're ok but, because of my wide feet, they don't come far enough up toward my arch and continually slip off my "bunion" area (although I don't have bunions).
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Ideal for closed toe slip on sandals. Tips tend to curl back but other than that very comfortable and does provide between-the-toes relief.
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