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FootSmart Hammertoe Straightener, Each

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20% of customers would recommend this to a friend (2 out of 10)

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FootSmart Hammertoe Straightener — a low-profile solution for straightening out hammertoes

Only at FootSmart! Living with a hammertoe doesn’t have to mean living with ongoing toe pain. Our Hammertoe Straightener helps reposition and straighten out hammertoes, gently pulling the joint down into natural alignment, helping alleviate pain. Place the two toe loops over the affected toes, and then tighten the heel strap. As you pull the heel strap tighter, the bent toes stretch and straighten out. The thin neoprene design ensures comfort when wearing inside shoes.

Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation.

Features & Benefits of FootSmart Hammertoe Straightener:

  • Two toe loops, which can be moved to the affected toes, pull downward on the (bent) toe joints, gently straightening them into proper alignment.
  • Toe loops are different lengths for an anatomically correct fit that follows the natural slope of the toes.
  • Strap around the instep helps keep the straightener in place, preventing it from slipping down the heel.
  • Heel Strap provides counter-force to help straighten toes—as you tighten the strap, the toes are pulled down more.
  • Thin neoprene design fits comfortably in most shoes.

Other Important Information About FootSmart Hammertoe Straightener:

  • Material Content: neoprene, elastic fabric.
  • Imported.

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Works for me

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My Doctor suggested this product to help pull my toe down. At first it was extremely uncomfortable with the straps digging in to my toe. To resolve this I put one of the silicone digi cushions on the toe, then the strap; problem solved. The product does exactly what it's suppose to and I can wear it all day. I am going to buy another to have a spare.
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FootSmart Hammertoe Straightener

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Do not buy this product if it is for the right foot. The instructions say to turn it over, however , then you have the Velcro straps binding into your skin! Also , as others have stated, the toe loops are too small. THE BIGGEST GIMMICK EVER!!!!!! A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!
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The product is very uncomfortable and hard to adjust for a good fit. I ordered the large and still have fitting issues. I will continue to try varies positions until i find a right fit.
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Good idea

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as others who have used this product, I found the two loops turn into a noose, losing effectiveness in keeping pressure on the joint. making the looks wider would definetely help
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