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DryGuy Simple Dry

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DryGuy Simple Dry — the simple way to dry your shoes and boots overnight

The Simple Dry harnesses the power of naturally rising warm air to dry footwear and gloves overnight. It uses less power than most shoe dryers and has no moving parts for silent operation that won’t disturb you while you sleep. The heat is gentle enough that it won’t shrink or damage most leather, synthetic and other materials.

Features & Benefits of DryGuy Simple Dry:

  • Thermal convection technology uses naturally rising warm air to dry shoes in 6 to 8 hours help prevent the growth of mold and fungus.
  • Low heat is gentle enough for most shoes.
  • No moving parts means silent operation, so you can dry items overnight while you sleep.

Other Important Information About DryGuy Simple Dry:

  • Measurements: 9" x 23" x 10".
  • Material Content: ABS plastic.
  • Imported.