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Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder, 5.4 oz.

Item #: 50579

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Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder — at last, an easy-to-use spray powder to help fight friction, odor and moisture build-up in your shoes!

Friction and perspiration in your shoes can lead to a variety of problems, including athlete’s foot, blisters and foot odor. Traditional foot powders can be messy and clumpy… but not with this spray formula! A 360-degree spray valve works in any direction, even upside down, so you can spray the powder right where you need it. The powder reduces friction (rubbing) in your shoes, helping to prevent blisters from forming. The moisture-absorbing powder also helps fight athlete’s foot and odor for a fresh foot environment. Choose original formula or—if you prefer a cooling sensation—menthol formula.

Features & Benefits of Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder:

  • Long-lasting, anti-irritant powder helps prevent friction and chafing, which can cause blisters as you run/walk.
  • 360-degree spray valve works even when you turn it upside down.
  • Powder absorbs moisture, helping to reduce build-up of perspiration and keep feet dry.
  • Menthol formula offers a cooling effect—great for those whose feet feel hot when they’re active.

Other Important Information About Dry Goods Athletic Spray Powder:

  • Available in original or menthol formula.
  • Made in USA.