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Dr. Cohen's Acuback

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Dr. Cohen’s Acuback — an easy way to help your back feel better with heat therapy and massage

Back pain is often the result of poor posture or tight back muscles. Acuback is a versatile, innovative solution to help relieve that pain. It’s anatomically designed to fit the curve of your lower back as you sit, encouraging better posture. You can also use it to massage your back and neck and warm it up in the microwave for heat therapy to help improve circulation. The Spine Align Belt, a precision-molded groove around the middle of the Acuback, promotes proper alignment of the spine, while precision acupressure nubs help relax tight back muscles. Plus, you can use it to massage other parts of the body for a total body massage.

Features & Benefits of Dr. Cohen’s Acuback:
  • Versatile design can be used for massage and heat therapy or as a posture aid.
  • Anatomical shape fits the curve of the lower back to help promote better posture as you sit.
  • Heat therapy helps improve circulation and loosen tight muscles.
  • Spine Align Belt, a molded groove in the center, helps align the spine and provides acupressure to muscles along the spine.
  • Precision acupressure nubs massage muscles, stimulate circulation and help relieve back pain.
Other Important Information About Dr. Cohen’s Acuback:
  • Material Content: PVC, water.
  • Imported.