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Darco Toe Alignment Splint, Each

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31% of customers would recommend this to a friend (5 out of 16)

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  • One size fits most.
  • Fits left or right foot.
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This one brace can help straighten out multiple toe problems

This one-size-fits-all splint properly aligns your toe(s), helping relieve pain and pressure due to bunions, hammertoes or Taylor's bunions (bunions that occur at the base of the fifth toe). You can even treat multiple symptoms at the same time. A soft elasticized cotton band fits securely around the foot behind the metatarsal heads. Slip the thin straps over problem toes and adjust the tension by moving the hook-and-loop strap. The special T-strap helps reduce bunion pain by slipping over the big toe and hooking to the back. Fits comfortably into standard footwear. Includes three adjustable straps.


Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes or poor circulation.

Other Important Information:

  • Fits left or right foot.
  • One size fits most.  Includes 3 adjustable straps.
  • Material Content: Polyester, nylon, denier bridal satin, foam and flannel.
  • Care: Hand wash, air dry.
  • Imported.

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Not recommended

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I purchased this hoping to wear it at night to slow the progression of the bunion. It is not the most comfortable thing to wear, but you get used to it. Problem is that the plastic piece surrounding the big toe was pushing my next toe up, which is what I am trying to avoid. In addition, it is painful to walk in, even just to go to the bathroom.
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Works Great

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This product does exactly what it said it would. Easy to use and no more sticky tape. Love it.
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Long on Promise, Short on Delivery

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I found the product cumbersome to use and it took forever to put it on. Contrastly, the bunion splint I got from my podiatrist takes less that 5 seconds to put on. I took it off in the middle of the night because it was cutting off circulation. I wanted to supplement my other splint with this one. I was very disappointed.
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love it

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totally crushed my big toe. this thing has all sorts of loops and straps to customize akward toe poses. feels great.
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