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Corestretch Core Body Exerciser

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Stretch your core and relax your muscles with the Corestretch Core Body Exerciser for back pain relief

The Corestretch is like a physical therapist visit in your own home! Rather than curving the back, this unique back stretching device elongates the spine, helping relax core muscles in the body to relieve back pain. The swiveling design moves in three planes, allowing you to stretch in various directions to target different muscle groups for relief from back pain, as well as pain in the shoulders, legs or knees. As with any new stretching technique, it is recommended that you start slowly using the beginner positions and then gradually progress to the more advanced positions and techniques.

Caution: Consult your physician before use if you have had any recent physical problems or surgery, or if you are just beginning to exercise.

Features & Benefits of Corestretch Core Body Exerciser:

  • Instead of forcing the back to curve, Corestretch extends your arms to a comfortable reach to elongate the back, shoulders and legs, helping reduce back pain.
  • Swiveling design allows you to stretch up and down, side to side and in a twisting motion to target various muscle groups, including the back, hips, hamstrings and shoulders.
  • 10 different sizing options allow you to adjust Corestretch to your height to effectively stretch your back and allow arms to reach the handles comfortably.
  • Versatile exerciser can be used while sitting or standing and is lightweight and collapsible for easy portability.

Other Important Information About Corestretch Core Body Exerciser:

  • Material Content: aluminum, foam.
  • Imported.