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Bunion Pain Relief Kit

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92% of customers would recommend this to a friend (11 out of 12)

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Bunion Pain Relief Kit — 3 ways to relieve bunion pain

1. Nighttime Bunion Regulator: Say “Goodnight” to bunions! Slip on the Nighttime Bunion Regulator and, while you sleep, tight tendons and toe muscles stretch. Podiatrist recommended for patients who don’t want painful, costly bunion surgery.


2. FootSmart Expert Essentials Gel Toe Spreader: Place the hourglass-shaped Gel Toe Spreader between the big toe and the second toe to help restore natural alignment and relieve bunion pressure. To better hold the spreader in place, it is flared at the top and bottom and has an extended “fin” that gently “hooks” onto the foot.


3. Gel Bunion Sleeve: Treat bothersome bunions with this sleeve that fits like a glove. Fits easily over your foot and into most shoes. Superior cushioning won't slip as you move about. Wear under sock or stocking.


Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes.

Features & Benefits of Bunion Pain Relief Kit:

  • Ultra-thin nylon / spandex sleeve, with sewn-in TPE gel pad, helps relieve pressure on the bunion.
  • Wash the sleeve in the mesh bag (included) for easy care.
  • Anatomically shaped hourglass gel toe spreader design fits between toes comfortably, while gently pushing the big toe out and back into natural alignment.
  • Flared top and bottom and extended “fin��� design on top help keep toe spreader in place.
  • Nighttime Bunion Regulator features a plastic brace that straps your toe in position, while soft foam soothes the tender area.
  • Hook-and-loop strap adjusts to secure the pad and provide the most protection where you need it.

Other Important Information About Bunion Pain Relief Kit:

  • Material Content: Bunion Regulator: plastic, foam. Toe Spreader: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel. Bunion Sleeve: nylon / spandex, thermoplastic elastomer gel.
  • Care: Bunion Regulator: Hand wash and air dry. Toe Spreader: Hand wash. Air dry completely before reuse. Sprinkle with talcum powder if gel becomes sticky to the touch. Bunion Sleeve: Hand wash in cold water. Air dry.
  • Imported.

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bunion night guard

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would have liked it less plastic sturdier structure
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A Great Purchase

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I was so unlucky to have inherited the family bunions. The only thing I knew to do was keep buying wider shoes. or finally giving in to surgery.I am so glad I made this purchase. I have less pain now and am able to wear my shoes for longer periods of time. Howard,Ohio
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So Gentle

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I was surprisingly pleased to find that this product was as gentle and comfortable as it is, especially to sleep with...it is indeed comfortable and I found that it was easy to disregard its presence while sleeping. Wonderful!
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Aligns toe and stretches cramped foot muscles

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This gentle splint straightened my big toe (with its inflamed bunion) to pull and separate it from my cramped other toes. It stretched foot muscles which brought some relief that I had not felt in a long while. Some of the effects carried over for awhile after I took it off. I usually wear it for a little bit at night and remove it before going to bed.
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