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Boot Stretcher, Each

Item #: 90190
50% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 6)

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  • Fits left or right shoe.
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Boots too tight? S-t-r-e-t-c-h them out for a roomier, more comfortable fit with the Boot Stretcher!

If your boots put too much pressure on your feet, stretch them out with this long-handled boot stretcher. The flexible hinged shaft lets you easily insert the stretcher into the foot compartment of your boot without damaging the collar or the shaft. Use the removable pressure relief pod to spot stretch needed areas. Stretching can help provide relief to those who suffer from painful bunions, corns and hammertoes.

Features & Benefits of Boot Stretcher:

  • Narrow toe and hinged shaft allow the stretcher to fit and stretch tight boots.
  • Hinged shaft flexes, so you can easily insert the stretcher into the foot compartment.
  • Removable pressure relief pod allows you to target problems areas.

Other Important Information About Boot Stretcher:

  • Material Content: wood, steel rods.
  • Imported.

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Boot Strecher

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I bought the 9-14 mens. Don't waste your time unless you have a AAA width. I'm going to keep it for the mechanism and make my own wood blocks for it. For sure not what is advertised.
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Broke right away

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It might have worked except the first time I turned it, the cheap plastic hinge snapped and rendered the thing useless. I'm still waiting for the return label.
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I had 4 pair of Ferragamo (super expensive) boots that i stretched to fit perfectly with this strong gizmo. (That's 8 different stretchings I did with it- it works for left or right). The key is to get the right size stretcher to start and then slowly and gradually stretch-dousing the leather with alcohol inside & out before turning the stretcher. You must be patient and give it a few hours or more between cranking the stretcher a few turns so the leather can slowly give. Don't blame the manufacturer if you order the wrong size for your shoes - and be sure to realize that stretching is a gradual process and the leather must always be liberally soaked with alcohol first. Using this Boot Stretcher in a men's size worked great for me. (I wear size 10 ladies - so I bought a 9-14 men's boot stretcher.) It was perfect- as the ladies sizes are generally one size larger than the equivalent men's size. A CAVEAT: the outside of the stretcher is lacquered and I soaked the boot leather so much with alcohol that when it dried, the stretcher actually stuck to the inside my 1st boot. After finally getting it out, the next boot was stretched using a plastic bag over the boot stretcher.
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Good Product, worked just as described!

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My wife bought a pair of boots on ebay and they were too tight. I suggested stretching it out a bit with this. It worked just fine! The boots were 7B and she needed a 7D, and this worked just great! I can see though how this may not work if you bought a 7D and needed a 7EE or something. I would suggest Footsmart advertise bigger size stretchers for widths above a C.
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