Boottique Boot Hangers, Set of 3

Item #: 90227

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No floor space for your boots? Hang them in your closet with Boottique Boot Hangers

These revolutionary, patented boot hangers simplify boot storage! Each hanger features a pair of strong tension clips that are lined with a special plastic / rubber blend that is gentle on soft leather and suede, so they won’t leave marks. Not only does hanging your boots help reduce closet clutter, it also helps prevent creases to keep your boots looking their best.

Features & Benefits of Boottique Boot Hangers:

  • Tension clips are strong enough to hold heavy boots.
  • Clips are lined with a special plastic / rubber blend so they won’t damage leather or suede or leave permanent impressions on your boots.
  • Pairs of clips are set slightly apart, one in front of the other, allowing boots to hang neatly together, helping maximize storage space.
  • Hanging your boots means you don’t have to worry about creases.

Other Important Information About Boottique Boot Hangers:

  • Imported.