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Contour Bio Pillow

Item #: 90210

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Contour Bio Pillow lets you enjoy the perfect temperature for a deep sleep

This plush, dual-sided, memory foam pillow has mesh on one side to keep you cool during warmer months. Flip it over for soft, microfiber comfort when you need warmth. The crescent-shaped, inner memory foam core encourages easier breathing for side sleepers, while self-molding construction offers superior head and neck support for those who sleep on their backs. Green tea-infused foam neutralizes odors to help keep the pillow fresh.

Features & Benefits of Contour Bio Pillow:

  • Dual-sided cover lets you choose between cool mesh and warm microfiber.
  • Mesh side, covered with perforated jersey fabric, creates a layer of air between your head and the pillow, helping keep you cool during warmer months.
  • Soft microfiber side provides luxurious warmth for the cooler months.
  • Crescent shape with tapered edges allows side sleepers to breathe easily.
  • Center indentation offers head and neck support while sleeping on your back.
  • Ventilated core helps minimize heat build-up.
  • Green tea-infused foam neutralizes odors.

Other Important Information About Contour Bio Pillow:

  • Material Content: polyester cover, memory foam core.
  • Measurements: 26" x 17" x 8".
  • Made in USA.