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Archmolds Standard Full Length Insoles, Pair

Item #: 10904
$42.99/pr. $9.00/pr.
Men's 14-14.5
  • Men's 14-14.5

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Archmolds Men’s / Women’s Standard Full Length Insoles deliver custom-molded support in your favorite shoes!

If you love your go-to everyday shoes, but wish they had better support, turn to Archmolds. These heat-moldable, full-length insoles conform to your heel, arch and ball of foot for total foot support. . Warm each insole in the oven (detailed instructions included), insert them in your shoes, stand on them for a minute, and they will mold to the shape of your feet. The customized arch support and heel cup help relieve arch pain and heel spurs, while a 1.5mm layer of polyurethane provides enough cushioning to soften your steps without adding extra bulk underfoot. A polyester cover with antibacterial Nano Silver technology wicks away moisture and helps prevent odor for a dry, fresh foot environment. Designed for everyday wear in a variety of styles, from casual to dress, nursing shoes, even golf shoes!

Caution: If you suffer from chronic foot pain or have circulation problems or diabetes, check with your doctor before wearing Archmolds.

Features & Benefits of Archmolds Men’s / Women’s Standard Full Length Insoles:
  • 1.5mm of polyurethane cushioning provides added comfort in a variety of shoes with removable insoles, including casual, dress and occupational styles.
  • Heat-moldable insoles (follow included directions) conform to the shape of your foot, providing total support that fits your heel, arch and ball of foot.
  • Advanced Ag, antibacterial Nano Silver embedded in the cover, helps kill bacteria and fight foot odor.
  • Pronounced arch support and shock-absorbing deep heel cup help relieve arch pain and the heel pain of plantar fasciitis.
  • Insoles can be re-molded up to five times for different pairs of shoes—simply follow the included directions to re-mold.

Other Important Information About Archmolds Men’s / Women’s Standard Full Length Insoles:

  • Material Content: EVA foam, polyurethane, polyester.
  • Imported.