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ALINE Suspension Full Length Insoles, Pair

Item #: 10656
86% of customers would recommend this to a friend (6 out of 7)
Was: $79.99/pr. Now: $19.97/pr.
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Women's 4.5-5.5/Men's 4.5
  • Women's 4.5-5.5/Men's 4.5

  • For normal, flat and high-arch foot types.
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ALINE Suspension Men's / Women's Full Length Insoles align your body with highly advanced BFAST technology!

ALINE insoles are some of the most advanced insoles in the world, worn by professional and amateur athletes alike—now you can try them for yourself! Patented Bilateral Foot Alignment Suspension Technology (BFAST®) supports your foot’s natural arches, helping reduce impact and guide your foot. The result is total body alignment and better control for less wear and tear on your body.

Note: We recommend gradually increasing wear time over one week to allow muscles to adapt to the insoles.


Features & Benefits of ALINE Suspension Men's / Women's Full Length Insoles:

  • BFAST technology supports the natural shape of your foot, helping improve balance and body alignment.
  • Patented ribs compress and rebound under the foot to help reduce impact during exercise and other activities.
  • Gentle lowering technology incorporates strategic, elevated support zones that allow for natural foot motion.
  • Forefoot flex zones encourage natural forefoot transition and a smoother stride.
  • Durable, easy-to-clean materials resist moisture to help keep insoles fresh. 

Other Important Information About ALINE Suspension Men's / Women's Full Length Insoles:

  • Material Content: thermoplastic urethane, nylon, EVA.
  • Imported.

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The SMELL is everlasting!

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I had high hopes for these insoles. I'm one of those people who figure 'you get what you pay for'. Not with this product. At first, I thought I'd been sent the wrong product - it's a lurid yellow as opposed to white. Then, the smell hit me. And what a smell it was! Indescribable! A gag-inducing, industrial chemical stench. I put the insoles in a little-used guest room in the hopes that they would air out. Nearly 7 months later and they still reek so badly I've scarcely used them. I've tried drenching them in scented oils, and STILL the stench comes through. I can't speak for how well they work. I don't dare wear them in public. They LOOK like they'd offer great support, but really need to be made of something that doesn't stink like a chemical plant and have an odor half-life that is longer than plutonium.
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Great inserts

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I purchased 2 pairs of these. One for myself and one for my husband we both thought that maybe they might be uncomfortable when we first saw them but they are GREAT!! I hope they last a long time because they are pricey. We will probably buy a second pair for each of us though so we don't have to move between shoes.
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I love these insoles

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I have not had any good experiences with insoles until now and I must say I am extremely pleased with these. They are well built with strong quality and lasting parts. Not to mention the foot relief I get with them. Between my knees and my back I do feel better while I walk. I'm so glad I bought these and am thinking of getting a pair for my sister too.
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strong support

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This insole is completely rigid. It took a little getting used to, but I like it. It gives me all the support I need and I think that the rigidity will make it last a lot longer than the cheap insoles from the drug store. No arch pain while wearing this insole.
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