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AirForm Night Splint, Each

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36% of customers would recommend this to a friend (4 out of 11)

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  • Fits left or right foot.
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AirForm Night Splint combines light-as-air comfort with therapeutic results

This innovative plantar fasciitis night splint is smaller and lighter than most, delivering both nighttime comfort and morning pain relief with ease. The splint is designed to maintain your ankle in a neutral position (right angle, as if standing) and provide a passive stretch to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia by pulling from above, gently lengthening tendons while you sleep. An air-filled pad lines this anatomically molded splint at your ankle and foot juncture, providing a cushioned fit.


Note: Intended for nighttime use only.

Features & Benefits of AirForm Night Splint:

  • Air-filled pad and 3D padded molding reduce irritation and discomfort for a better night’s rest.
  • Lightweight (only 9 ounces) low profile design provides a more natural feel, making the splint easier and more comfortable to wear.
  • Two adjustable hook-and-loop closures adjust to fit.
  • Dorsal design supports the foot from above, while leaving the heel exposed and keeping the foot cooler.

Other Important Information About AirForm Night Splint:

  • Material Content: Plastic shell: 100% ABS plastic. Padding: 100% polyester and urethane foam. Laminate Binding: 100% polyester. Straps: 100% neoprene with polyester fabric.
  • Care: Hand wash only with warm water and mild detergent. Remove excess water and air dry.
  • Imported.

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Air form night splint

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At first they squeezed my toes. Spoked to the doctor and he gave me a larger size because of my wide width. Now they are fine.
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Not the Best

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I've been using this splint for several months now and I would not recommend it. My doctor actually suggested it but it doesn't stay on; it slides off the foot. If you tighten the velcro then it becomes uncomfortable. The foot never gets the proper adjustment because of the fit. I would not purchase this item .
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Comfortable and shows results but poor design

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I purchased this exact night splint through my podiatrist for tribal the cost here. It really did show results right away and I can sleep with it without any problem. However, the design is such that the splint slides off the calf and does not give the full benefits it would had it simply had a third strap lower on the ankle. It really has helped me but I think I am going to try and find one that will stay on better and keep my foot on the full stretched position for the entire evening.
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Neither wearable nor effective

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Device lacks sufficient angle to stretch tendon or fascia, and seams inside adjustable band around ball/toe area causes sufficient pain that sleep is impossible and wearing more than a few minutes is intolerable.
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