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FootSmart LevelSteps Adjustable Heel Lift, Set of 2

Item #: 99221
92% of customers would recommend this to a friend (24 out of 26)
$8.99 /ea.

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  • Fits left or right foot.
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It's simple to correct leg length discrepancy with FootSmart LevelSteps Adjustable Heel Lifts.

Slip this heel lift inside the shoe to discreetly add length to a shorter leg. Thin layers (1/8") can be added to provide the exact height needed. Helps provide support, enhance body alignment and improve balance.

Features & Benefits of FootSmart LevelSteps Adjustable Heel Lift:

  • Customize the fit with three separate 1/8" layers that enable you to add 3/8" or 1/4" or 1/8" to your shorter leg.
  • Lifts help straighten posture and provide better balance for walking and standing.
  • Sponge rubber layer absorbs shock so your body feels less stress.

Other Important Information About FootSmart LevelSteps Adjustable Heel Lift:

  • Material Content: polyester cover, sponge rubber layer and rubber base, pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Care: Do not wash.
  • Made in USA.

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A Great Solution

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My right leg is 1/4 inch shorter than my left. The lift given to me by my Doctor is a full foot lift, meaning that it looks like the outline of my whole foot). When I put that in my shoe it often makes my shoe feel like it is too small. I have tried to compensate for this by having the heels of my right shoes increased by 1/4 inch but not all shoes can have that alteration, Then I found these heel lifts and I can wear all my shoes in comfort now and still have the correction in leg length that I need. As an added plus they provide a little padding to protect my heel. Having recently experienced Plantar Fascitis, I have a whole new interest in protecting my heel. I am so glad I found these.
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Adjustable Heel Lift, Set of 2

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I have been in pain for many years due to a curvature of the spine. Recently a Physical Therapist found that one of my legs was 2/3 of an inch shorter than the other. I found Foot Smart online & ordered 4 sets. Immediately, the pain in my left leg and back pain was gone. It will take time to re-adjust my whole body...but thanks to Foot Smart I have heel lifts in my left shoes and are on the road to being pain free. Thanks for this easy to use and Quality Product.
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I have a short right leg and always have to have a lift in one shoe. These are the most inexpensive way to do that. They work great!
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A solution for mismatched legs. Easy to use.

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Having one leg a little shorter than the other causes back trouble. This product is easy to use...directions are clear.
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