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5-in-1 Toe Spacer, 6 Pack

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5-in-1 Toe Spacer — five different ways to help relieve your toe problems

Many people who have bunions have other toe problems, such as hammertoes, overlapping toes or corns. That’s where the 5-in-1 Toe Spacer comes in handy! Made of cushiony, latex-free foam, this multi-purpose product helps relieve a variety of toe problems, which are often caused by wearing shoes with a cramped toe box. Leave the spacer together to wear as a bunion splint. You can also pull it apart and use the pieces as a toe shaper to be worn in shoes during the day, a toe separator, and a toe protector / corn cushion… or wear it overnight as a nighttime rejuvenator and wake up with better feeling feet.

Caution: If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult a physician before use.

Features & Benefits of 5-in-1 Toe Spacer:

  • Pull foam apart at the C-shaped cut and slip the D-shaped opening around the second and third toes or the big toe to stretch and help relieve bunions during the day.
  • Cut the smaller piece with the half circular opening in half and use between toes to gently separate and help reduce friction on crooked toes or overlapping toes.
  • Cut the D-shaped piece removed from the D-shaped opening in half and slip around any of the four smaller toes to act as a toe protector and corn cushion.
  • To use as a bunion splint, wear with D-shaped opening around the second and third toes or the big toe without pulling the pieces apart.
  • Wear toe spacers to bed to stretch toes overnight, helping rejuvenate feet as you sleep.

Other Important Information About 5-in-1 Toe Spacer:

  • Material Content: latex-free foam.
  • Made in USA.