About Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology products are clinically proven to reduce pronation, which can improve foot function and relieve associated heel and ankle pain.

Designed by Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, Vionic with Orthaheel Technology footwear and orthotics provide heel pain relief and help improve your body's alignment, posture and walking gait.

Human feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand, but we spend most of our time standing, walking and running on hard, unnatural surfaces. This improper alignment, or loss of our “footprint,” results in a variety of pain and injuries that affect the feet and the entire body! Unnatural surfaces cause our feet to overpronate (roll excessively inward) to gain ground contact, which flattens the arches and can cause wear and tear to other parts of the body… like the knees, hips and lower back.

A Word from Phillip Vasyli

Choose Your Fall Shoes Wisely

Fall is the time of year when wardrobe and footwear choices are difficult due to the 'in-between' weather most of us experience. It's often a time when women switch from open-toe sandals to flat shoes that typically offer little to no support. In fact, a USA Today article criticized women's shoe choices these days, especially flat ballet-style slippers with no structure or support. The article quoted a podiatrist as saying that today's popular shoes have contributed to women's common foot complaints and even ankle, knee, hip and back problems.

The Vionic with Orthaheel Technology fall shoe collection is a great option for stylish, casual shoes offering the support needed to protect feet and lower legs from common aches and pains. Our new shoes feature the award-winning orthotic technology that helps restore your feet to their natural ("neutral") position, thereby helping to improve posture and balance. Our fall shoes also proudly display the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), which recognizes the new Vionic with Orthaheel Technology styles as excellent footwear choices.

When looking for shoes this season, explore our new line of shoes and slippers. They are ideal for casual fall outings, long foliage-viewing walks, and even around the house

A Word from Phillip Vasyli