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In this issue Bunions are progressive treat them and relieve pain
Top new colors for Fall
Athletic shoes for wide feet
Bunions causing pain? FootSmart Bunion Regulator
It's estimated that more than half of American women have bunions. Often described as a "bump," a bunion is actually a sign of changes in the foot’s framework, causing the big toe to lean toward other toes. Early symptoms may include soreness, inflammation and a burning sensation. Although genetic factors make some more prone, the wrong shoes can definitely make the condition worse.

If you’re experiencing symptoms, treat bunions early to avoid surgery. Bunions are a progressive disorder, gradually changing the angle of your bones. Untreated, symptoms usually get worse over time.
Say good night to bunions!
Although they won't reverse the condition, early treatments with simple, inexpensive night splints and bunion regulators can offer pain relief.
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FootSmart Passive Night Splint
Bunion regulators can be extremely effective at stretching tight tendons and toe muscles. The FootSmart Bunion Regulator, for example, works overnight via a padded, plastic brace that straps your toe firmly in position.
Bunion night splints, such as the FootSmart Passive Night Splint, comfort, as well help stretch shortened tendons. Most bunions are treatable without surgery, but early treatment is important—and prevention is always best.
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Fall's Top Colors
Marci Women's Clog

Know what colors are popular for Fall 2008? Check these out:
• Blue iris offers "sense in a volatile year."
• Royal Lilac generates heat with its exciting red undertones.
• Serene Caribbean Blue is big this season.
• Twilight Blue is a twist on classic navy.

Hush Puppies Slip-Ons Ever wonder who decides what colors are "in"—and how clever FootSmart buyers know what colors to buy?

If blues and purples aren’t your thing, no worries. Traditional Fall colors are in the palette as well, according to Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, who says although she sees "a shift toward cool hues with bright, exciting undertones, conventional tones such as warm autumn hues, chocolate browns and steel grays are also among the fall color choices."

You’ll find these colors on the pages of the FootSmart catalog, and online in our newest selections at
Wide feet and athletic shoes FootSmart suggestions for wome
When shopping for athletic shoes, all the styles, materials and manufacturers available can be confusing. Add wide feet to the equation, and it’s enough to make you settle for shoes that are too painfully tight.

Wide feet require careful fitting. To maximize comfort and safety, try these tips:
Spira Classic Leather Walker
1. Measure both feet. If one foot is wider than the other, fit shoes to the larger, wider foot.

2. Find a shoe that has a removable insole or lining for added depth in the shoe and room to accommodate your orthotics, if you wear them.

3. Choose a shoe with an adjustable strap or shoelaces, firmly secured at the top to prevent your foot slipping forward in the shoe. If you need more room, loosen the shoelaces over the top of the ball of your foot.

With these tips and a little footwork, you’ll find shoes that help keep your feet healthy and happy.
Spira Classic Leather Walker
Brooks Beast Running Shoes
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