N5 Comfort technology… the design secret that makes Naturalizer shoes feel so good.

The exclusive Naturalizer N5 system comforts and supports feet from heel to toe with five key features that help lighten and balance every step.

N5 shoes and boots have extra cushioning at three critical places to soften your steps. It's this cushioned comfort that absorbs shock, supports your body weight and redistributes pressure as you walk.
Go from 9 to after 5 feeling cool, comfortable and confident. N5 soft, breathable linings allow heat and moisture to escape so your feet stay cooler and drier all day — and into the night.
N5 ergonomic heel and toe shapes incorporate a balanced design to help you glide through your stride more naturally and with greater stability.
N5 soles are designed for ultimate flexibility and move with you through the walking cycle.
Naturalizer delivers comfort without adding extra layers that can weigh you down. The lighter weight of N5 shoes feels better on your feet and helps you move a little easier.

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