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Give Your Toenails Proper Toe Nail Care
Footsmart offers a variety of toe nail care products and treatments. Having the proper tools, such as toenail clippers and toenail files, are a necessary part of proper toe nail care, and can help you keep such conditions as ingrown toenails at bay.

Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of the nail grows directly into the surrounding tissue of the toe, causing pain and discomfort. Ingrown toenails often occur when toenails are trimmed incorrectly, leaving the nail plate too far from its proper edge. This tender skin becomes inflamed, and pressure on the toe from shoes becomes painful. You can help relieve pain associated with ingrown toenails by using toe nail care products like toenail files.

Here are some leading toe nail care practices:
  • The best toe nail care practice to help treat and prevent ingrown toenails: Be extra careful when cutting your toenails. The Podiatry Institute recommends trimming your toenails straight across with specially designed toenail clippers. Do not gouge into the corners, and practice good toe nail care by leaving toenails slightly longer than the tips of your toes.
  • Another good toe nail care practice for avoiding toenail fungal infections: Wear well-fitting shoes. There should be a space, about the width of a thumb, from the end of the shoe to the tip of the longest toe to prevent the toe from being damaged. Moisture found in shoes and socks provides a breeding ground for the nail fungus, which then infects the nail bed through this rupture or break.

As you can see, providing extra toe nail care to your toes, toenails and feet is essential to maintaining healthy feet. This extra toe nail care will prevent ingrown toenails and other foot ailments, and keep you moving in comfort.

FootSmart also sells many products designed to give you the best toe nail care, including:
  • Mycocide NS – This clinically tested antimicrobial solution/ toe nail care product has a patented delivery system that penetrates to the nail matrix, killing the germs responsible for toenail fungus infections. Applying the treatment twice daily will bring noticeable improvement in two weeks, and dramatic results in three months.
  • Nonyx Nail Gel – Recommended by podiatrists, this toe nail care product helps break down and clean out the dark or yellowing keratin debris that can build up under nails. Nonyx, an all-natural ethanoic acid gel, takes a two-pronged approach to restoring unsightly thickened nails, penetrating the nail plate while lowering pH levels to establish a hygienic environment for new nail growth.
  • The Professional Ingrown Toe Nail File - This professional, salon-quality, stainless steel toe nail care product has a very thin file on top and rounded edges to help you work in difficult areas and give painful ingrown toenails the care and attention they need.

FootSmart sells these and other toe nail care products designed to give you great looking and feeling feet. Check out today for all your toe nail care product needs.

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