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Help Fight Toe Nail Fungus with Products from FootSmart
Wearing sandals or flip-flops, or just walking around barefoot, can be a major embarrassment if you have thick, crumbly or yellow nails. Though nail polish may help hide the problem, you can treat a toe nail fungus by applying such anti-microbial solutions as Mycocide NS. Read below for more information on how to determine if you have a toe nail fungus, and how to best treat symptoms like yellow nails.

A Toe Nail Fungus Can Easily Infiltrate Vulnerable Toe Nail Beds
A toe nail fungus attacks warm, dark, moist environments like shoes, socks and stockings, and often infects your toenail beds when the protective nail surface becomes damaged or broken.

Your feet go through a lot of wear and tear, and activities such as running or playing tennis can easily cause a slight rupture in the nail plate. Moisture found in shoes and socks provides a breeding ground for the toe nail fungus, known medically as “onychomycosis,” which then infects the nail bed through the break. Once the toe nail fungus takes hold, it’s kept in place by the nail plate, making the toe nail fungus very difficult to get rid of.

You can also become infected with a toe nail fungus through person-to-person contact in such places as shared health club or pool showers. Those who often go to professional nail salons can also “catch” a toe nail fungus via shared emery boards.

Symptoms: Do You Have a Toe Nail Fungus?
A toe nail fungus can affect the appearance of toenails, making them unsightly. Typically, you will first notice the infection because of nail discoloration. You may develop green or yellow nails, or nails that turn an even darker color.

Other symptoms of a toe nail fungus may include:
  • Thick and flaky nails.
  • Collection of debris under the nail causing a foul odor.
  • Splitting of the nail.
  • Pit marks on the nail.
Prevent a Toe Nail Fungus from Affecting Your Toe Nails
Once a toe nail fungus makes itself at home in your nail bed, the toe nail fungus can be hard to eliminate, and needs to be treated with proper medications.

The best defense against a toe nail fungus and yellow nails starts with well-fitting shoes. There should be a space, about the width of a thumb, from the end of the shoe to the tip of the longest toe to prevent the toe from being damaged upon impact.

Once the toe nail fungus is present, however, treat it with any of the following methods:
  • Liquid and cream treatments applied topically help with a toe nail fungus.
  • Oral medications – although they can have side effects – can also help reduce toe nail fungus symptoms.
  • Good foot hygiene, including wearing clean socks, rotating shoes and thoroughly drying feet between the toes to prevent further spreading of infection, are good ways to avoid a toe nail fungus.

Nail gels, such as Mycocide NS and nail polishes, such as Nailstat, both sold here on, are also two products that can help effectively treat yellow nails and a toe nail fungus.

If the toe nail fungus persists after using topical treatments, however, see a podiatrist for additional treatment.

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