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Nonyx Nail Gel Can Help Improve the Look of Yellow, Thick Toenails
Wearing sandals or flip-flops, or just walking around barefoot, can be a major embarrassment if you have thick, crumbly or yellow nails. Though nail polish may help hide the problem, you can treat annoying yellow nails by applying such antimicrobial solutions as Nonyx Nail Gel. Read below to get more information on Nonyx Nail Gel and how it can help improve the appearance of your toenails.

Do You Have a Nail Fungus?
If so, you most likely need Nonyx Nail Gel. Fungi live in warm, dark, moist environments like shoes, socks and stockings, and often infect your toenail beds when the protective nail surface becomes damaged or broken.

Fungal infections affect the appearance of the toenails, making them unsightly. Typically, you will first notice the infection because of nail discoloration. You may develop green or yellow nails, or nails that turn an even darker color.

Other symptoms of a nail fungus may include:
  • Thick and flaky nails.
  • Collection of debris under the nail causing a foul odor.
  • Splitting of the nail.
  • Pit marks on the nail.
Treat Your Nail Fungus with Nonyx Nail Gel
Nail gels, such as Mycocide NS and Nonyx Nail Gel, are two well known products that can effectively treat yellow nails.

Nonyx Nail Gel, recommended by podiatrists, helps break down and clean out the dark or yellowing keratin debris that can build up under nails. Nonyx, an all-natural ethanoic acid gel, takes a two-pronged approach to restoring unsightly thickened nails, penetrating the nail plate while lowering pH levels to establish a hygienic environment for new nail growth.

Nonyx Nail Gel is sold here on, and also in our mail-order catalog.

If the fungus persists after using Nonyx Nail Gel, however, you may want to see a podiatrist for additional treatment.

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