Merrell QForm® alignment
system complements a woman's every move

It's a fact—women are anatomically and biomechanically different than men. Unfortunately, these differences are all too often ignored. The Q-Angle (the area between the quadriceps and patellar tendon) is greater for women than men, which increases pressure on a woman's hips, knees and back. This can ultimately cause pain and discomfort as you walk.

Merrell QForm® comfort is designed specifically
for a woman's body and the way she moves

Working with Sport Biomechanics, Inc., a leading sports medicine organization, Merrell spent years studying how the anatomical and biomechanical differences between men and women contributed to discomfort, and in some cases, injury, for women wearing shoes designed for men.

Merrell engineered the midsoles in their women's shoes to provide the proper support, cushioning and corrective positioning women need for a more balanced, natural stride that ensures longer-lasting comfort and reduced wear. These features strategically combine to help alleviate walking pain and stabilize feet for better balance.

Experience the benefits of Merrell QForm technology for yourself and feel the difference it makes in your walking comfort.

How the Merrell QForm System
works for you…


  • 1. As you walk, Merrell Air Cushion® in the heel absorbs shock and centers heel on contact for added stability.
  • 2. A firm, supportive area in the midsole keeps your foot centered.
  • 3. A second supportive area in the midsole keeps your foot centered as you lift it.
  • 4. The soft region provides cushioning as you push off and take your next step.
  • 5. Cushioning in the toe area equally distributes your weight and pressure.


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