Hush Puppies Technology & Features

From day one, Hush Puppies has always been about innovation, not imitation. It's what makes Hush Puppies so incredibly comfortable and lightweight. It's what makes Hush Puppies Hush Puppies. They invented the world's first truly casual shoes, but Hush Puppies innovation didn't stop there. Over the last 50 years, they have developed and patented dozens of technologies that maximize comfort, minimize weight and foot stress, and help keep shoes looking newer longer.

Whether it's virtually weightless Zero G, energy-absorbing Bounce or extremely flexible WaveReflex technology, Hush Puppies is dedicated to one thing—your complete comfort.

Zero G®
Hush Puppies Zero G combines lightweight, shock-absorbing midsoles with athletic construction for instant and lasting comfort. So light... they are almost weightless.
Hush Puppies patented Bounce® technology reduces the stress on your feet by absorbing the energy generated when you walk.
ComfortFusion fuses a lightweight, flexible outsole directly to the upper for unsurpassed comfort and durability.
Patent-pending design combines natural latex rubber and unique reverse action waves for complete freedom of movement for your feet.
Worry-Free Suede®
Hush Puppies Worry-Free Suede® makes the leather scuff, stain and water-resistant to help the shoes maintain their famous good looks.

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