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The Factors Behind Burning Feet

Do you often find yourself complaining of burning feet or feet that just feet unnaturally hot? Does the burning feet sensation happen at the end of a long day or when you’re trying to fall asleep at night? Many different causes can contribute to your burning feet:

  • Athlete’s foot may be the reason you have burning feet.
  • Are you diabetic? Diabetes and the resulting loss of sensation in the feet can result in nerve problems that lead to symptoms like burning feet.
  • Hot and sweaty feet that have been trapped in shoes all day can lead to a burning feet sensation.
  • If you have overly sensitive feet, you may have burning feet if your feet are rubbed the wrong way or irritated by socks or shoes.
  • Erythromelalgia, a rare condition that causes blood vessels open up, can cause hot, burning feet.

There are even more reasons why you could have hot feet or burning feet, so that’s why it’s important to see your doctor as soon as you come down with burning feet. The proper diagnosis is crucial to treating burning feet.

In the mean time, however, here are some tips for helping you deal with burning feet:

If you think your burning feet may be due to the athlete’s foot fungus, you may want to try the following to help ease your burning feet and other symptoms, which include red, scaly, itchy feet:

  • Wash feet with an anti-bacterial soap to help relieve burning feet due to athlete’s foot.
  • Dry feet well after washing to help treat burning feet due to the athlete’s foot fungus.
  • Apply anti-fungal powders and creams to absorb excess moisture to help treat burning feet due to athlete’s foot. FootSmart has several good products available for burning feet here.
  • Change your socks often, especially after exercising or sweating excessively, to help relieve and prevent burning feet due to athlete’s foot.
  • Wear rubber sandals when using public showers or pools, or when you go to the gym, to help treat and avoid burning feet due to athlete’s foot.

If you have diabetes and also burning feet, you need to take special care of your feet and may want to see your doctor. Diabetics are at risk for various complications, including diabetic neuropathy, which develops following damage to the specific nerves in the peripheral nervous system, the nerves connecting the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. A symptom of diabetic neuropathy is hot, burning feet.

If you’re diabetic, follow these guidelines to help avoid burning feet:

  • If you want to avoid burning feet, inspect your feet daily for blisters, bleeding and lesions between the toes. Use a mirror to examine the bottom of your feet as well.
  • If you want to prevent symptoms like burning feet, wear therapeutic shoes, including specially made diabetes socks, slippers, insoles, orthotics and other diabetic footwear, that come with features like high and wide toe boxes.
  • If you want to avoid burning feet, wear seamless diabetic socks and stockings to keep moisture away from your feet.
  • If you’re diabetic and want to avoid burning feet, it may be a good idea to use diabetic foot creams on your feet. Please note: Do not use creams between the toes.

If you’d like the full list of dos and don’ts for diabetics, click here to make sure you prevent complications and symptoms like burning feet.

FootSmart sells many different types of products to help you cool down burning feet, including seamless socks for sensitive feet, cold packs, foot sprays and other anti-fungal agents and much more. Browse all of our burning feet products here.

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