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Women’s Wide Shoes:

Shop for Wide-Width Shoes in Favorite Comfort Shoe Brands

Are you a woman suffering from swollen feetdiabetes, toe pain problems like bunions or just have large or wide-width feet? If so, then you need women’s wide shoes. Many stores do not carry women’s wide shoes, but FootSmart has made a special effort to carry sizes you won’t find anywhere else.

FootSmart also carries women's wide shoes from many leading brand names, including:

FootSmart is dedicated to helping you find the right fit when looking for women’s wide shoes – or whatever kind of comfort shoes you might need.

Going Shopping for Women’s Wide Shoes 

What women’s wide shoes will work best for you? What should you look out for when shopping for women’s wide shoes? Here are some tips:

  • Good Shoe Type for Women’s Wide Shoes: Oxfords. With their added-depth features, wide oxfords can easily accommodate the fifth toe and won’t scrunch wide feet.
  • Good Feature for Bunion Sufferers: Spandex stretch uppers. Women’s wide shoes with this feature won’t put pressure on your bunion.
  • Good Feature for Problem Feet: Adjustable closures (example: Velcro®). You can easily loosen or tighten women’s wide shoes with this feature.

More shopping guidelines for women’s wide shoes:

  • Women’s wide shoes with a firm heel counter provide good support for wide-width feet.
  • Women’s wide shoes need to have a wide enough toe box to accommodate toes without pinching them.
  • Women’s wide shoes with a semi-rigid or rigid shank offer good stability.
  • Women’s wide shoes with a removable inner sole are great for wide-width feet, as you can take the sole in or out as needed.
  • Women’s wide shoes with a long vamp provide good arch support.
  • No high heels! If you need women’s wide shoes, you should be wearing a heel that measures between ¾ - 1½ inches, and no more.

If the Shoe Fits: Remember These Tips When Buying Women’s Wide Shoes

  1. If you need women’s wide shoes, never go out to buy new them first thing in the morning. The feet swell as the day goes on, and your women’s wide shoes need to accommodate this added size.
  1. Always break in new women’s wide shoes at home on carpeting.
  1. Do not expect women’s wide shoes to stretch. If your new women’s wide shoes do not comfortably fit your feet, don’t buy them. Remember that your women’s wide shoes should have a thumb-length space at the toe end of the shoe beyond the longest toe.

Shop for Women’s Wide Shoes Right Here at FootSmart

FootSmart offers many different types of women’s wide shoes on its Web site and via its mail-order catalog. Click to see all of FootSmart women’s wide shoes.

FootSmart carries many other comfort shoes – as well as socks, slippers, support hosiery, foot care and lower body health products – in addition to women’s wide shoes. Start shopping today.

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