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FootSmart Can Help You Treat Dry Foot Skin
Foot skin – especially on your soles and heels – can sometimes become hard and dry. While dry foot skin is not a dangerous condition, it can feel painful and look unsightly. If dry foot skin starts to crack, then bleed, however, infection can follow – an especially serious problem for anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, or a lowered immune system due to age or illness. Anyone with these types of conditions should be sure to take good care of their foot skin.

What Causes Dry Foot Skin?
Dry foot skin can result from a variety of reasons:
  • Age
  • Improperly fitting shoes
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Psoriasis
  • Thyroid disease
  • Diabetes
  • Certain skin conditions
  • Household heat that reduces humidity and dries out the skin

Symptoms: Do You Have Dry Foot Skin?
The most common symptoms of dry foot skin include:
  • Red or flaky patches
  • Peeling and cracked skin
  • Itchy skin

Soften Dry Foot Skin
The best way to treat and also prevent dry foot skin is to use good therapeutic ointments and creams. Avoid using lotions, as these often contain alcohol, which actually cause dry foot skin to worsen.

Additional therapies for dry foot skin and heels include:
  • Use a pumice stone or sand stone to file hard, dry foot skin, and use foot creams to penetrate and hydrate dry foot skin.
  • Use foot care creams especially designed for nighttime use, and wear socks to help the foot cream better absorb into dry foot skin during sleep.
  • Check your shoes regularly for tight spots and areas that rub against dry foot skin.
  • Use insoles and other corrective devices to eliminate points of friction that can further irritate dry foot skin.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with a wide toe box.
Make sure you avoid getting foot lotion, foot balm and foot cream between your toes, as the additional moisture can lead to bacterial infections such as athlete’s foot. If dry foot skin worsens, or bleeding occurs, consult a physician.
Products to Treat Dry Foot Skin Available on FootSmart
FootSmart can help treat dry foot skin and heels with our wide assortment of balms, creams and lotions. If you are suffering from chronic dry foot skin, however, please consult your local podiatrist before attempting any treatment plan.

For example, Podiatrist’s Secret Recovery Cream with Tea Tree Oil can soften dry foot skin. This dry foot skin solution product contains alpha hydroxy fruit acid, plus deep-penetrating urethin to soften hard skin and remove cracks and fissures.

FootSmart sells many other products designed to help treat dry foot skin and heels. Start shopping today.

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