Our Drew Customers Say…

Best Purchase in many ways

I purchased these shoes in black and could hardly wait until they got here. I never tried Mary Janes before… wow I don't want to take them off! I have had them for 3 days and I just love them. if you remove the insoles as needed, you can wear thicker socks with them. Thank you again Drew and FootSmart!

–Debbie, IN

Fits and feels so good!

First shoe in over 6 years to fit and feel this good. Flat feet and hammertoe plus WWW width make it almost impossible for me to find comfortable shoes. Wore these all day and not once did I think of my feet. Will order them in every color!

–Wanda, VA

Diabetics need this shoe

My husband is a diabetic who must be on his feet and moving quickly on concrete for 10 hours a day. He wears out any pair of shoes in about 8-9 months. The Drew Surge Walking Shoe is the best shoe we've found, giving him support, comfort and great circulation for his feet. This is a must for diabetics who have to take special care of their feet.

–Candace, IL

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